Board Meeting Minutes

Crystal Lakes Homeowners Association of Manatee, Inc.
Board Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2014
Fellowship Alliance Church
5735 69th St E, Palmetto, FL 34221

Annual Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:37 and Certification of Quorum was met.

Association Manager Patrick Dooley presented the Affidavit of Notice as proof the annual meeting notice was mailed out per Florida statute.

Patrick read the 2013 annual meeting minutes and a motion was made by a member in the audience to accept the 2013 minutes.  Motion was approved.

There was only one notice of intent received by management so there was no election.  Charles Brunner was announced as a new Board member joining Sharon Huddleston and Matt Hanna.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:49.

Respectfully submitted by Matt Hanna, Secretary

Board Meeting following Annual Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:42.  Certification of Quorum was met with Sharon, Matt, and Charles in attendance.

The desired flag pole spot is owned by Manatee County, and we’ve been initially denied approval to place a flag pole there.  Patrick will write a letter to the County Commissioner to try to gain approval.

There was a discussion about the prospects of putting a shade structure over the playground.  We’ve gotten some bids and prospects, but we are looking at around $20,000.  The next step is to get a better price breakdown of the bid in terms of replacement costs, warranties, different structures, etc.

We are also looking into bids for a community property power wash.  The sidewalks directly in front of your house are the responsibility of the homeowner.  Some of the sidewalks, namely the ones with bushes next to them, are the responsibility of the community. 

The Board is disappointed with the gazebo painting/cleaning.  There was an issue with the contractor where the Board thought the project was done, but it was not.  Going to continue to get more bids for the refresh.

The minutes from the previous Board meeting were posted online.  There was a motion to approve the minutes for that meeting, motion approved.

We are still looking to put a sign up in the community to more effectively communicate community news.  Ray Conrad was in possession of a sign that we would like to use.  We are going to attempt to reach out to retrieve the community sign if possible.

Respectfully submitted by Matt Hanna, Secretary

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