Board Meeting Minutes

Crystal Lakes Homeowners Association of Manatee, Inc.
Board Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2014
Fellowship Alliance Church
5735 69th St E, Palmetto, FL 34221

Meeting began at 6:40 PM October 27th with an update for Manatee County Code Enforcement.  Loretta Merrill is now our code enforcement officer. She can be reached at 941-737-2634.  Call if you see any county code violations.  She’ll investigate and reach back out within 24 hours.  Boats are not allowed in driveways on weekdays.  The code enforcement division has now expanded to 3 officers which should give each area more attention.

Board meeting was called to order at 6:49 PM October 27th.  Certification of quorum was met with President Sharon Huddleston, VP/Secretary Matt Hanna, and Treasurer Helga Man present.


Matt mentioned that the minutes from the previous Board meeting can be found on the website and available to the community.  The minutes were approved. 

Helga gave the Treasurer’s report.  Dues will be $630, but there will be a credit for $60.  There will be no payment plans allowed in 2015.  Outstanding due on payment plans in 2014 now stands at $1100.  The 2015 budget was approved by the Board.

The annual meeting will be on 12/8/2014.  The community is seeking an additional board member as Helga Man is retiring from her post.   The spot is for Treasurer, but the Board may shuffle responsibilities once the new Board is formed.  There will be more information mailed to each homeowner.


The bid for the community flag pole was approved by the board.  The cost was approximately $1150 and the approved bid was submitted by All American Flag and Pennant.


The gazebo needs to be cleaned and painted.  A bid was received at $500, but the Board would like to contract the job for $300.  The Board approved a $300 budget for Melrose to find a contractor.


The Board is currently accepting bids for a canopy over the playground. 


Crystal Lakes II signage needs to be changed as it currently shows “Crystal Lakes”.  We’ve already gotten an email from a homeowner assuming the new subdivision is tied to ours so it is important to have the correct name.


We discussed more community events such as block parties, contests, etc.   The goal is to bring the community together by hosting events that will allow homeowners to get to know each other.  A more vibrant community helps all of us in terms of property values.   A motion was approved to form a Social Committee.  The committee consists of Darlene Borne, Glory Petyo, Alan Arnold, and Chelsie Hanna. 


In addition the Board is looking into signage in order increase communication within the community.  Ideally seeking an encased keyed structure that communication can be placed inside of.  In addition the Board is discussing other ways to better communicate amongst homeowners.


The Board does not want to use community funds for garage sales.

Tom Conrad gave an update on the irrigation system.  He reminded homeowners to turn back the clock on their system when the time changes.  The extra watering day is the 2nd Saturday of the month between 9-3 and the 4th Sunday between 10-4.  The pump fence has finally been replaced.   If a homeowner needs the system turned on for a contractor or an emergency please contact Tom, but Tom will not turn it on for fertilization purposes.


Darlene is having a food drive between November 10th and 21st.  Please contact her if you are interested in donating.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45.

Submitted by Matt Hanna, Secretary, Crystal Lakes Homeowners Association
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