Board Meeting Minutes

Crystal Lakes Homeowners Association of Manatee, Inc.
Board Meeting Minutes
August 25, 2014
Fellowship Alliance Church
5735 69th St E, Palmetto, FL 34221

 Board meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM August 25th.  Certification of quorum was met with President Sharon Huddleston and VP/Secretary Matt Hanna present. 

Matt mentioned that the meetings from the previous Board meeting are on the website and available for the community.  The minutes were approved.  

Manatee County neighborhood services and planning spoke at the meeting.   There will be a code enforcement officer in our neighborhood, Mr. James Thomas, that will by going through our neighborhood.  This is for civil issues and nothing criminal.  One rule is you cannot block the sidewalks.   You are not supposed to park on the street, but that is enforced by the HOA and not the county.   Mr. Thomas will help make sure things are up to code, yards are decent, boats aren’t in the driveway for a long period of time, etc.  

Nick Aparicio spoke on behalf of DR Horton who is the builder for Crystal Lakes II.   The new subdivision will have its own separate association during DR’s build.  There will be 50 finished lots that DR will buy from the developer.  The houses will be branded under their “Express” brand of less than $200K homes.   They are not planning on replacing some of the vegetation that was taken down behind our subdivision.  The base case for their build is 1 year and the first homes will go up in November/December.  The signs in the common areas are going to go up soon.   The new subdivision will be managed by Melrose as well. 

Sharon read the Treasurer’s report submitted by Helga.  We’ve gotten the refund for the gazebo and the electrical for the gazebo.  We are still working on collecting past due monies.  

For the 2015 assessment we are hoping to reduce dues and there will be no more payment plans. 

There was a discussion on the community trash cans and we needed a new volunteer.  Chandra Hill graciously volunteered to take care of the trash can near the second entrance. 

There was a discussion on feeding wildlife.  The Board emphasized at the time of the meeting that feeding wildlife can be considered a violation as a nuisance to the community.   The Board made a motion to clarify the Nuisance clause, Article IV Section 4.1, to include that feeding wildlife, Muscovy ducks and other non-pets is prohibited.  The motion was approved.  

There have been inquiries in regards to a community garage sale in the fall.  The Board asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to head the effort to organize.  There were no volunteers. 

Tom Conrad spoke about our community irrigation.  If anyone has any issues, or needs the system on for maintenance please give Tom a call.  941-981-9753 (home) and 484-332-5162 (cell).  If you need the system on for maintenance please give him a day heads up.  The irrigation schedule is set up through October.  There was an issue with the drip lines behind 50th Ave Cir E being in poor shape.  Austin took a look and said they were no longer needed as the oaks were well established.  We plan on getting a second opinion.   

The Board has received three quotes for the flag pole.  We will review for the next meeting. 

There was a discussion in regards to a message board in the community.  The initial thoughts were to place it near the playground, but the community consensus was that something electronic may be better. The decision was to utilize the HOA website for community announcements. 

The current gazebo is in need for repair (cleaning and painting).  The Board and Melrose will get quotes. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8. 

Submitted by Matt Hanna, Secretary, Crystal Lakes Homeowners Association
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