Board Meeting Minutes

Crystal Lakes Homeowners Association of Manatee, Inc.
Board Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2014
Fellowship Alliance Church
5735 69th St E, Palmetto, FL 34221

Meeting was called to order at 6:31


Certification of quorum was met. Board members present: Ray Conrad, President, Helga Man, Treasurer and Sharon Huddleston, VP/Secretary

A motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting (3/24/14) without reading was passed (minutes posted on HOA website).

An action without a meeting was taken by the Board to reinstate Ray Conrad as President. A motion was passed to accept Sheldon's resignation and appoint Ray Conrad as President for the remainder of the current term.

Treasurer's report was presented by Helga Man.

Crystal Lakes II

A builder (Fred Durr) has been selected by the developer (White Oak Development).

We may start to see construction (infrastructure) around the end of May/beginning of June.

Ray made a clarification and retraction regarding an email that he sent out regarding towing violations for parking near street corners, mailboxes, stop signs, etc. The HOA has no responsibility for having vehicles towed.

Modification of Article IV, Section 4.2(b) 3 Leasing of units was approved to allow "For Sale" signs to be placed on posts in yards. "For Rent" or "For Lease" signs are allowed only in the window of a unit.

Modification of Article IV, Section 4.1(v) Use restrictions for walls, fences and screen enclosures was approved to specify that screen enclosures may be white, black, or bronze aluminum.

Covenants Committee: Jim Debolt was approved as Chairman with Patty G. and Bob K. as committee members. We would like to have up to 5 total members on the committee.

Procedures were described for the fining process for non-compliance with HOA rules and covenants. The procedures are posted on the HOA website.

HOA is moving forward with 3 lien foreclosures.

Lake clean up has been scheduled for Saturday, May 17 from 9-11 am, and will be posted on the website calendar. Volunteers are needed. Contact Ray or Sharon to sign up.

Gazebo update: There was a proposal to move the location to the area directly behind the playground, pending a quote for the additional cost for electrical work required.

Quotes for fencing around the pump station will be obtained.

Resurfacing the basketball court and painting the existing gazebo will be postponed until the fall.

We are gathering quotes for the front entrance beautification to be submitted to the builder for Phase II.

Board meetings will move to every other month going forward. Next meeting date: June 23.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm

Submitted by: Sharon Huddleston,
Secretary, Crystal Lakes Homeowners Association

Sharon Huddleston
Secretary/Vice President



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